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Jobcorp is a unique company with both recruitment and immigration operations.


Our team has a vibrant culture where intelligence, decency, efficiency, and teamwork all pair to provide a superior work environment.

We have a lofty goal of being New Zealand’s best SME business to work for in the sectors we represent.

Our team all work remotely. The flexibility this provides quite simply works for us all and we have developed an inclusive culture where wellness of our staff is front and centre. Family and your personal enjoyment of employment come first.


Typical roles we recruit for include the following:

  • Recruitment Executives

  • Recruitment Support

  • Immigration Support

  • Licensed Immigration Advisers

  • Provisionally Licensed Immigration Advisers


Benefits for our team include the following.

  1. Staff have parental and caregiver benefits. In practice, this means being paid for the following:

    • Dropping off and picking up children to childcare

    • Attending medical appointments

    • Parent and teacher meetings

    • Sports days

    • School camps

    • Providing care for a family member

  1. Staff are entitled to wellness days. One day every two months in addition to normal sick leave and annual leave entitlements

    • Have a bad day at work and take the next off with no notice

    • With three days’ notice book a day off to do whatever you want e.g. go to the beach, have a long weekend etc.

  1. One day off per month to enjoy with the Jobcorp team. Unrelated to normal work. This could be a picnic, a day out, a long social lunch with the day off etc.

  2. We support work-related study in accordance with the training and development policy. We pay for a day off each week during the study period to enable the staff member to study 

  3. Early day off. Six per annum. A staff member can, with three days’ notice, leave at 2pm on a Friday to enjoy a weekend away and will still get paid their full day’s pay

  4. Every employee engages in formal career planning with the company 

  5. Every employee engages in a formal training program

  6. Dedicated focus hours

  7. ‘Work from anywhere’ weeks. Head away and work from the boat, the bach, or the beach

While employment opportunities with Jobcorp are subject to availability and normal hiring criteria, we welcome enquiries and expressions of interest.

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