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Available Candidates

Available Candidates - interviewed, processed, and ready to go.

We provide staff for all a range of industries including trades and services including building and construction, plumbing, electrical, as well as in the fields of education, health, IT, and engineering.

We also provide both ad hoc/contingent and structured recruitment services. The candidates below have all been interviewed and otherwise processed by our consulting team and are available for you to interview now.

​Get in touch with us now to find out more about how we can help you with your hiring needs.

  • Nationwide

    Urgent Care Nurses

    Ref: Nationwide

    ​We have a large supply of Urgent Care (and other) Nurses on our books who are already in NZ (various locations) and have completed their CAP courses and are registered with the Nursing Council of NZ. These include those with ACSL, BLS, and PALS training, as well as general urgent care and triage experience. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements - 09 271 3200 or

  • 122731

    Electrician - Thames

    Ref: 122731

    This Thames based NZ Registered Electrician is looking to get back into his first role since returning from overseas. His experience mostly encompasses commercial sector work though he has also installed residential ventilation systems, inverters and solar panels.

  • 122343

    Double Coded Welder

    Ref: 122343

    This candidate is a double coded welder with a red seal certificate in welding. Has experience in welding pipes, boilers, and tanks for refineries and sugar mills. Has performed TIG and stick welding with a range of metals. Wanting to move to NZ with his partner and young daughter.

    welder | tig | stick
  • 122712

    Electrician - Auckland

    Ref: 122712

    ​An EWRB Registered Electrician with 14 years of relevant experience. He has worked in a range of sectors including marine, commercial, industrial, and is now working for a trusted air con and HVAC company in NZ. Has performed a range of electrical work including installs, arrangement, troubleshooting, maintenance, and design.

  • 120948

    Industrial Electrician

    Ref: 120948

    ​A qualified electrician with industrial experience having worked at power stations. His experience includes installing and commissioning of LV and HV electrical equipment, inspecting/monitoring electrical works, carrying out site tests, maintenance, and troubleshooting among many other duties. Open to various locations

  • 116384

    Primary/High School Teacher

    Ref: 116384

    ​With a Bachelor of Education, this teacher has experience both in high school and primary school settings and has taught a range of subjects. She is looking to relocate from South Africa and is open to any location in NZ.

    Education | Teaching
  • 119393


    Ref: 119393

    ​A qualified senior electrician with an EWRB limited certificate and supervisory experience. He has worked on construction sites including involvement in railway projects. Duties fulfilled include residential and industrial construction and upgrades, substation and electrical installations, replacing/repairing defective parts/cables, and continuity testing of circuits.

  • 122514

    Electrician / Electrical Engineer - Auckland

    Ref: 122514

    With as Master's in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, this Electrical Engineer has advanced skills and knowledge in his vocation. He holds an EWRB practicing license and has worked with Matlab, Altium Designer, and CST Studio designing software, and has worked in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    Engineering | Electrician
  • 115521

    Blow Mould Technician/Tool Jig and Die Maker

    Ref: 115521

    ​This candidate holds a Tool Jig and Die Maker trade qualification that has been assessed against NZ standards by the NZQA. He has 9 years of blow moulding experience for plastic packaging companies and currently also fulfills Team Leader duties along with his on tools work.

    Fitters and Machinists | Engineering | Blow Mould Technician
  • 118589


    Ref: 118589

    ​This qualified electrician has remained with the same power supplier based at various power stations since 1998 working his way up from apprentice to senior electrician. He has performed fault finding, mainenance, inspections, and commissionining on industrial and commercial machinery/plant. He is open to any location in NZ

  • 114666

    Fitter / Turner

    Ref: 114666

    ​A mechanical engineering technician with a fitting and turning trade qualification. He has a wide range of experience across various sectors including defense force, aerospace, mining, racing, and general engineering. A South African currently in European wanting to relocate anywhere in NZ

    Fitters and Machinists | Engineering | Turner
  • 117037

    Primary School Teacher - Hamilton

    Ref: 117037

    ​This teacher has 7 years of experience as a primary school teacher. She is based in Hamilton with an Open Work Visa based off her partner's work visa. She holds a Masters in Education and has her qualification assessed by NZQA at Level 7.

    Education | Teaching
  • 121935


    Ref: 121935

    ​An experienced and trade qualified commercial/industrial electrician with more than 10 years of experience at an oil refinery. This candidate also has supervisory experience and has performed all relevant duties including maintenance, inspections, wiring, fault finding, and repairs on substations, lighting, switchgear, batteries, HVACs etc. Open to any location

  • 74909

    Hydraulic Technician - Auckland

    Ref: 74909

    ​With experience across various industries including rail, automotive, engineering, and heavy machinery, this is a well skilled Hydraulic Technician. He has an engineering certificate with further hydraulics training. Duties fulfilled include inspections, welding, installations, repairs, and maintenance.

    Engineering | Hydraulic Technician
  • 121545

    HVAC Technician - NZ

    Ref: 121545

    Now based in Tauranga, this HVAC Technician will consider relocating for the right opportunity. Having previously worked for an organisation that services commercial and industrial operations after which he worked at a resort, he now works for a leading manufacturer of cooling systems.

    HVAC | Aircon and Refrigeration
  • 119725

    Hydraulic Technician/Manager

    Ref: 119725

    This qualified fitter and turner has a vast amount of experience in hydraulics in South Africa, Canada, and the UK. He has been involved with the design and repair of hydraulic systems, cylinders, manifolds, pumps, motors etc. as well as management/operations and has worked with various software programs. Will consider any location

    Fitters and Machinists | Hydraulic Technician | Turner
  • 115484

    Teacher - South Auckland

    Ref: 115484

    This teacher has her provisional practicing certificate, an open work visa, and can start ASAP. She holds a BA English, Grad Diploma in Teaching, and a PGD in Teaching English as a 2nd language. She has 8 years of English teaching experience and was Best Teacher in 2017, and Best Support Teacher in 2019.

    Education | Teaching
  • 171361

    HVAC/Electrical Technician - Christchurch

    Ref: 171361

    ​This Christchurch based HVAC Technician is looking to move on as his current employer is experiencing a downturn in business and they have advised staff to look for alternative employment. He previously worked as an Electrical Technician for 2 steel companies for 10 years and 6 years in Kuwait and the Philippines respectively.

    HVAC | Aircon and Refrigeration
  • 121847

    Mechanical Fitter

    Ref: 121847

    ​A well experienced and qualified mechanical fitter with 8 years of experience in the petrochemical industry performing inspections, installations, modifications, boiler overhauls, scheduled maintenance. Relocating to NZ from South Africa - would consider any location

    Fitters and Machinists | Mechanical Fitter
  • 121654


    Ref: 121654

    Although this candidate only gained his trade qualification in 2014, he has 2 decades worth of plumbing experience in residential and commercial buildings. He has also completed further training, has supervisory experience, and has only worked for 2 companies in his career. Looking to relocate anywhere in NZ

  • 120206

    Nurse/Midwife - Huntly

    Ref: 120206

    ​A qualified nurse with a PGD in Midwifery and 15+ years of experience in medical and surgical units, maternity and pediatric units, emergency units, ICU, CCU, as well as geriatric units and rehab centres. Looking for a role in Huntly.

    Healthcare | Nurse | Midwife
  • 120919

    HVAC Technician

    Ref: 120919

    This qualified and well experienced commerical HVAC Technician with relevant experience since 2007 is looking to move over to NZ from South Africa. He has completed HVAC and Refrigeration (commercial) and Electrical trade tests and has worked on chilled water systems, water coolers, cooling towers, mid wall splits, hideaway and cassette units and a/c control units.​​​​

    HVAC | Aircon and Refrigeration
  • 115518

    CNC Machinist

    Ref: 115518

    A highly skilled and dynamic CNC Machinist Programmer with extensive experience on various types of CNC machines having worked for 3 different engineering companies in his career. Open to relocating to anywhere in NZ.

    CNC Machinist
  • 118155


    Ref: 118155

    ​An experienced, trade qualified plumber with a stable work history having worked for the same company since 2010 - this candidate is looking to relocate anywhere in NZ from South Africa. Experience with water metre assemblies, meter investigations, general domestic plumbing, and municipal infrastructure.

  • 116484

    Primary School Teacher

    Ref: 116484

    ​This experienced teacher has a MEd degree, her NZQA, and NZ teaching registration. She has taught at the same school since 2010 and also fulfills the duties of Head Grade 5 Teacher, Athletics Manager, Softball Coach. She is ready to move to NZ with her husband and young son and is flexible regarding location.

    Education | Teaching
  • 115481

    Primary/High School Teacher - Auckland

    Ref: 115481

    ​With 9+ years of experience across both primary and high schools, this teacher is looking to make the move to Auckland from South Africa. She would prefer to teacher higher primary school or lower high school grades. Her preference is for an opportunity in the north of Auckland.

    Education | Teaching
  • 116018

    Primary School Teacher - Auckland

    Ref: 116018

    ​Having relocated to NZ from South Africa, this teacher with 6+ years of experience is currently working in ECE in Auckland. She therefore has her NZQA certificate and registration with the NZ teaching council. She is looking to get back into a primary school and prefers Auckland but would consider relocating for the right role.

    Education | Teaching
  • 116039

    Primary School Teacher

    Ref: 116039

    ​This primary school teacher has as stable employment history having remained at the same school since early 2016. She is married with 2 children, has her NZQA level 7, and is wanting to make the move to NZ as soon as she can secure a job offer.

    Education | Teaching
  • 117419

    Fibre Optic Technician - Auckland

    Ref: 117419

    ​With the last 7+ years working in a fibre optic technician role in NZ, this candidate has 2 years of experience as a single phase building electrician. He is looking for a new challenge

    Fibre Optic Technician | Telecommunications
  • 117815

    Registered Electrician

    Ref: 117815

    ​This trade qualified electrician with EWRB registration has more than 8 years of residential electrical experience in apartments, shop buildings, and hotels.

  • 20230337


    Ref: 20230337

    ​This trade qualified carpenter/builder has just under 4 years of post-apprenticeship experience, with exposure to building, renovations, and maintenance. He has completed the Site Safe accreditation process and has a good understanding of workplace H&S. He is looking to join a company that provides further training and career growth and is open to relocating for the right opportunity.

    Carpenter | Builder
  • 20230336

    ECE Teacher - Auckland

    Ref: 20230336

    ​With a qualification in education and more than 5 years of relevant teaching experience after completing her studies, this ECE teacher’s experience comprises of 5 years in a primary school in South Africa, and 2.5years in NZ. She also has prior admin experience and is based in Auckland looking for a change. Not open to relocation as she has already settled with her young family.

    Education | Teaching
  • 20230335

    Construction Project Manager

    Ref: 20230335

    ​Looking for an experienced Project Manager to bring the required leadership and experience to your team? Look no further, we have the perfect candidate for you. This candidate has over a decade of experience in construction, has proven leadership skills, and the relevant qualifications to tick all your boxes. He has managed a large team for over 8 years and is looking to make the move to NZ with his family. 

    Project Manager | Construction
  • 20230333

    Secondary School Teacher

    Ref: 20230333

    ​This qualified secondary school teacher offers over 6 years’ professional experience and has a current teachers’ registration as well as a qualification assessed by NZQA. She is currently working with our licensed immigration advisers and is document ready to make the move to New Zealand with her family.  

    Education | Teaching
  • 20230332

    Registered Nurse

    Ref: 20230332

    Passionate and resourceful with several years of experience. Exceptional multitasking and organisational skills. Confident in providing exceptional care for patients whilst supporting senior medical staff and training junior staff. With exposure to a range of medical conditions, is able to effectively communicate with other medical professionals as well as educate patients and family members.

    Healthcare | Nurse
  • 20230331


    Ref: 20230331

    ​An experienced and suitably qualified electrician with 15 years’ experience and extensive knowledge of electrical legislation codes and standards of practice. Experienced in installing, maintaining, and testing electrical systems and equipment in residential and commercial environments. Possesses an in-depth knowledge of safety procedures. Physically fit and willing to travel.

  • 20230330


    Ref: 20230330

    ​A hardworking and well-versed plumber with over 10 years’ experience and the proven ability to offer technical direction in the engineering and maintenance of plumbing systems across commercial and residential buildings. Proficient in the interpretation of building specifications and in the installation and assembly of metal and PVC pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing equipment.

  • 20230329

    Technical Trainer Team Leader - Palmerston North/surrounds

    Ref: 20230329

    Qualified auto electrician & technical trainer for 21+ years. Has trained and tested dealer technicians and apprentices on the latest automotive technologies such as electric & hybrid vehicle systems. Extensive experience across retail workshops, manufacturing, and R&D. Regular international travel for training and development and a solid international network. On an Open Work Visa.

    Automotive | Auto Electrician | Technical Trainer | Team Leader
  • 20230328

    Chartered Accountant

    Ref: 20230328

    ​Well experienced Chartered Accountant offering two decades of business leadership with a proven track record in the healthcare insurance industry. Currently the CFO and Financial Director of the fourth largest healthcare funding company in South Africa.

    Accounting | Chartered Accountant
  • 112649

    Service Advisor/Workshop Admin

    Ref: 112649

    ​This candidate has a solid admin background and has also led a small team of staff. She communicates well, is organised, and is looking to join a larger business where she can learn more and gain new experience and utilise her skills to the fullest. Far north Waikato or far south Auckland preferred

    Automotive | Service Advisor
  • 108617

    Hyundai Master Technician

    Ref: 108617

    ​​Qualifying in 2008, this Hyundai Master Technician has gone on to work for the first and oldest Hyundai agent in Saudi Arabia. He has worked there as a technician since 2014. He is open to any location in NZ and will look to settle with his wife and 2 children.

    Automotive Technician | Automotive | Hyundai