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Retained, Structured Recruitment Appointments

"For a recruiter with over 3 decades of experience, I have observed that retained, structured appointments produce vastly superior outcomes. Ironically, although the recruitment professional spends many more hours than they will on a contingent assignment, often the cost is no greater for a superior result”.

Russell Phillips, Jobcorp Director

​If it is accepted that making the right hiring decision enhances the quality of hire, then it makes sense to use a best practice approach.

For a recruitment company like Jobcorp, structured appointments allow us to use our skills, knowledge, and resources to full effect. Only the most gifted recruiters can deliver structured recruitment assignments for this method of recruitment is the peak of the recruiter craft. For this reason alone, it is worth partnering in a structured recruitment assignment.

We structure each part of the process, so each function is completed with excellence; this best practice approach includes full transparency. The date the hire will be concluded is planned in advance, underpinning the quality of processes being used.

Portal access to each assignment allows the employer to view the talent being sourced from a combination of advertising, search work, and engagement. Consultations throughout the assignment demonstrate that the considerations made by the recruiter in selecting shortlisted applicants are logical conclusions. The employers will know at any point of the hiring process that the assignment remains on track; even the quality of the advanced interviews completed by the recruiter is transparent.

The skills held by the shortlisted applicants are validated by psychometric assessments, validation of credentials, and transparent reference checking and vetting. Onboarding assistance and post appointment follow ups all constitute part of this best practice approach.​

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