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Online Interviews

Online interviews and immigration consultations

Jobcorp use a range of online mediums for interviewing. When your Recruitment Executive requests your attendance for an online interview, communicate with them the best online meeting program to suit your needs.

Test your device or computer to ensure the connection is strong. If in doubt, find a connection that will not disrupt your interview.

Treat your online interview as you would a face-to-face interview with an employer. The Recruitment Executive acts as a representative for the employer. A good rule of thumb to work by is to dress how you would in your workplace.

Be prepared. Have your resume and qualifications close by. So too any documents relevant to your application.

If your application is from offshore, make yourself readily available. There are significant time differences in most countries compared to the time in New Zealand. Showing a wiliness to interview at times that suit the Recruitment Executive is the only logical solution.

Having other family members attend an interview is totally acceptable at Jobcorp, particularly so if you are offshore. Our team wishes to make the experience as stress free as possible and will welcome other family members that wish to join the online meeting.

South African applicants

The issue of load shedding in South Africa is well known by Jobcorp. Please check for scheduled outages ahead of your interview so the interview can proceed uninterrupted.