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Est. Population: 522,600

Waikato is the fourth largest region in New Zealand, covering approximately 25,000 square kilometres. It stretches from the Bombay Hills and Port Waikato in the north down to the Kaimai Ranges and Mt Ruapehu in the south. The region has 1,138 km of coastline.

The wider Waikato region has a population estimated at 522,600 and has the youngest median age of population at 32.2 years. Hamilton, Waikato’s largest city, is just 90 minutes from Auckland and home to a population estimated at 180,000.

Housing costs are affordable but this clean, green, economically vibrant city also has all the benefits of a major city. Great educational facilities including a university, hospitals, superb cuisine, night life, shopping, and much to do. 

  • NZ’s longest river, the Waikato, flows for 16km through the city

  • A mild climate and moderate, year-round rainfall keep the city and surrounding area very green

  • 135 parks and gardens and 58 sports areas

  • The city has over 1,000 hectares of open space


The wider Waikato region includes the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula with spectacular beaches and tourism. Waikato has wide open rural spaces, and farming activity is represented widely. West coast beaches provide world class surfing. There are lakes, rivers, forests, and beautiful days trips throughout the region.

Employment across a wide range of industries is available in the region, particularly so in Hamilton City.

The region has also become increasingly popular for those relocating to New Zealand who find the regional appealing.

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