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Job Seeking Tips

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The inclusion of graphics in your resume

A well-prepared resume is critical in your job application. Recruitment companies and larger employers use technology known as applicant tracking systems. The technology parses content from your resume into the screening function. Graphics complicate the process of parsing. While a well formatted resume is essential in terms of textual content, we prefer clean MS Word or PDF documents without graphics.This helps us search for key words in the applicant tracking system we are searching for.

There is no requirement to change your resume unless the text content is provided as an image. If you are preparing a resume, a simple, well formatted resume is preferred.

New Zealand format for resumes

For the benefit of offshore job seekers, there is no such thing as a NZ format when it comes to your resume. The exception to this is that all resumes must be received in English. Spending money to reformat your resume is not required.

Video resumes

These are presently increasing in popularity. Do not provide a video resume - applicant tracking systems can not read sound or pictures. Video resumes look great, but they are an impractical solution for job applications.


Contact details

The number of resumes provided with incorrect contact details is staggering. Thankfully modern applicant tracking systems still record the correct email the application was sent from. Incorrect data does cause confusion, particularly so when the Recruitment Executive opts to open your resume and call you only to discover the phone number is incorrect.


Consider first your strategy for making applications

Your Jobcorp Recruitment Executive will provide a valuable service introducing your application to employers. For Jobcorp it is infinitely preferable for us to work alongside our job seekers in partnership. For offshore job seekers, Jobcorp provide a powerful service that includes a 360 degree recruitment and immigration model from one source. The hiring managers save multiple hours using our service and the process for them becomes as easy as employing local talent.

Once you have submitted your resume directly to an employer, we may not be able to represent you to the same employer. If the employer does not have the time or inclination to deal with offshore applicants, you would have been better to have used our services. That said, we always respect the wishes of the applicants we work with so simply communicate your intentions clearly so we can work together to achieve the desired outcome.

Social media

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'Like' our Jobcorp NZ Ltd Facebook page. This is a highly interactive format with request news, events, and jobs. Offshore expos are common for Jobcorp, so who knows, we may just be coming to your country next.