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Jo-Ann Robinson
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Jo-Ann Robinson

General Manager

Jo-Ann Robinson is Jobcorp’s General Manager with experience in New Zealand recruitment. While leading our team, Jo-Ann is also involved in front line recruitment activity over and above her management responsibilities.

Prior to joining our recruitment operations, Jo-Ann held a Sales Management and Operations Management role in South Africa.

Winning Business of the Year across the national South African retail motor industry for her brand 4 times, she also won the accolade of top Sales Manager for South Africa in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. Jo-Ann rapidly rose from a Recruitment Executive role to Recruitment Manager, and now General Manager of Jobcorp.

Jo-Ann and her family migrated to New Zealand for the opportunities it presented. During her journey to New Zealand, she learnt all the subtleties of migration and is consequently well equipped to assist in issues relating to employment as they pertain to immigration alongside Jobcorp’s team of Licensed Immigration Advisers.

Jo leads the entire Jobcorp team across 3 divisions with involvement in recruitment, immigration (in conjunction with the Principal Licensed Immigration Adviser), business development, and operations alongside the Jobcorp company Director for Jobcorp NZ, Automotive Employment NZ, and Jobcorp Immigration.

Her role not only finds her involved in leading the frontline activities, but she is responsible for building the scale and systems of the company and frontline recruitment.