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New Zealand Household Labour Force Survey

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New Zealand Household Labour Force Survey

​New Zealand HLFS results for the December 2022 quarter showed the labour force participation rate was 71.7%, the same as last quarter. This rate is derived from labour force divided by working-age population.

​The employment rate was 69.3%, the same as last quarter. This is derived from employed divided by working-age population. The unemployment rate was 3.4%, up 0.1pp. This is derived from unemployed divided by labour force. The underutilisation rate was 9.4%, up 0.3pp. This is derived from total underutilised divided by extended labour force.

​The working-age population was up 6,000 to 4,119,000. This is made up of the labour force, up 7,000 to 2,954,000, and people not in the labour force, unchanged from last quarter at 1,165,000. The labour force is made up of employed people, up 4,000 to 2,855,000, and those unemployed, up 2,000 to 99,000.

​Average ordinary time hourly earnings from the QES were up 7.2% annually, to $38.19.

​Annual wage inflation from the LCI was 4.1%, for all industries and occupations combined.

​Filled jobs from the QES were up 0.8% for the quarter, to 2,110,000.


  • Household Labour Force Survey data, unless otherwise stated.

  • Average ordinary time hourly earnings and annual wage inflation are not seasonally adjusted.

  • Changes in seasonally adjusted data are quarterly.

  • Due to rounding, changes do not always sum to the published totals.


Source: Stats NZ, Household Labour Force Survey, Quarterly Employment Survey, and Labour Cost Survey.