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NZ’s Education Sector cries out for teachers

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NZ’s Education Sector cries out for teachers

​The rampant skills shortage affecting New Zealand’s education system remains critical and the pressure is mounting on the new government to take action.

Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) notes Jobs Report data illustrates just how turbulent the environment has become. With a limited pool of staff to draw from we saw institutions all but give up looking for staff over the June Quarter. Job postings declined 21.8%. The latest data revealed a minor bounce back. Advertisements for educators increased 11.5% over the September quarter – the response to those ads is yet to be determined.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and keep teachers in this country. We are seeing teachers cross the ditch to work in Australia where the pay is better. We are seeing over-worked educators leave the industry in droves because of burnout, and we are seeing less and less people choosing to move into the profession, explains the RCSA NZ Council Chairperson.

“We need to find a way to make teaching an attractive career again. Our members would like to see the new government take the initiative and pour more resources into marketing the profession while maintaining its commitment to lifting salaries.”
With a new government finally formed, RCSA and its members are calling for action to safeguard the future of the industry. It’s a battle that needs to be fought on numerous fronts.

“We need strategies in place now to attract people back into the profession. That starts with improving conditions on the ground and ends with better pay to keep people in the country"

“Our members are working hard and successfully filling staff shortages with overseas talent, but it’s not enough.”

The availability of teachers within the local talent markets are particularly dire in the Secondary School and the Early Childhood Education sectors. There are concerns that without a plan in place to start bulking up the workforce, more schools will have to close putting even greater pressure on teaching staff.

“The Ministry needs to design a plan to get more people in at a graduate level, locally"

“Our teachers are moulding the next generation and deserve salaries to reflect that.”